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Warning Lights is dedicated to our efforts to prevent and protect any individuals who are targeted or at risk of being lured into this crime. Although we know that this crime can technically take place anywhere, we also recognize that those who are employed in the sex industry are highly susceptible to the deceitful tactics used to lure individuals into this crime. We take a non-judgmental approach to offer kindness and friendship as well as resources to meet the needs of their safety, overall health, and happiness for their future.




(Outreach Events)

Promoting outward beauty by empowering inward value and purpose.


The What:

Outreach events for women currently employed by the sex industry. Warning Lights hopes to reach more women who are currently employed by the sex industry. Our experience is almost a decade in years. By offering various resources, as well as guidance to safe, healthy, and happy futures, our elite volunteer teams bravely provide resources and support to women who are employed in local strip clubs and illicit massage parlors. We have witnessed tremendous relationships form and grow in our efforts to fight human trafficking. Our non-judgmental approach has allowed us to turn strangers into friends while empowering women to live in freedom. It’s now time to step up our efforts and we need your help!


The How:

Leaving the sex industry. It is well known in our fight that in order to allow women to heal from sexual trauma, we must allow them to escape their situation to find refuge, comfort, and safety. This is exactly what the Altogether Beautiful program is going to do. We are going to take our relationships to the next level by meeting with women outside of the various illicit establishments.


Our Goal: How you can help!

Our annual goal is to raise $10,000 for this program. 


We want to host four events each year. These will be all-expenses-paid opportunities to build on the foundations we have set, and for the women, we serve to see that our care extends beyond the doors of their places of employment. We genuinely care, no strings attached. We estimate that each event will cost approximately $2,500, based on our ability to invite 50 women and, occasionally, their families. This total cost per event covers the venue, rentals, invitations, food and desserts, decor, gifts, and activities. We need your help to reach our annual funding goal of $10,000.

You can help!