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Hey, Y’all! Here it’s all about protection and prevention.


I want to thank you for visiting our website. Your interest and support are incredibly encouraging and necessary for me to continue building awareness about the truth of human trafficking. Thousands of children, youth, and young adults are targeted to be sold into slavery yearly. Together, we can give voices to the boys, girls, men, and women who have been silenced by the elusive industry of human trafficking.


Did you know that approximately 800,000 people are lured into the human trafficking market each year? It is equally alarming that about 50% of those sold into this “modern-day slavery” are minors!


Are you shocked? I was. About 50% of those lured into the trade are minors! Too many adolescents are being lured because they are unaware of the signs of human trafficking. They don’t recognize the threat until it is too late, and they are trapped. In 2013, I began to fight and wrote my first Warning Lights curriculum. Today we have multiple programs, sessions, and training available. It is my heart’s passion to give individuals of all ages insight into the reality and dangers of human trafficking. Prevention through awareness will be our greatest weapon against this vile industry. I am eager to help protect your circle of influence. From training professionals to students, I hope you take action required to protect those around you! Contact us today to schedule a session of awareness!


Awareness is building value by protecting our bodies and guarding our hearts! Part of making people aware is showing them the ways in which many victims (especially teens & young adults) are lured into the trafficking industry. My prevention-based curriculum (Warning Lights) is designed to give those who hear it the ability to recognize the warning signs of human trafficking when they see them.


When you join our fight, you are helping to give the gift of awareness to audiences everywhere. Your donations are changing our communities’ lives and helping protect and prevent this crime from taking more victims. I personally thank you for your generosity. It is because of your support that lives are being saved!



Jenn Amo

Warning Lights Founder, Author & Public Speaker